No more dead since two days in Pistoia ~ Tuscany ~ Italia: finally we can see the light!

What a great news when the number zero makes THE difference!!

Open eyes and open heart looking at the future!

So happy about the Italy situation at the present : almost all my beautiful, beloved Country is in yellow zone except just one region, Valle d’Aosta that is orange.

This means just one thing : the vaccinated Italian people are getting more and more day by day and this will bring back life to our lives after so many months of restrictions and loneliness!

Florence – Ponte Santa Trinita

Furthermore , no more quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers arriving in Italy from EU !!!They will be just tamponed before departure and at the arrival.

Together again !

Florence airport just started welcoming some more people and life looks much more normal now and the green pass will give us the chance to travel again enjoying the world and the different , interesting people we can meet during our trips as we have been created to stay together and sharing with others feelings and experiences.

Life is back!

The monster is dead I can hold its head as the Perseus did in this masterpiece of art by Benvenuto Cellini located under the Lanzi Loggia in Piazza della Signoria, symbol of strength and intelligence : today, again, the intelligence and the knowledge brought us the vaccine to defeat the horrible invisible modern new monster Medusa called Covid19 !

Perseus and the Medusa’s head : the victorious gesture of liberation from the monster

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