No more curfew , no more quarantine:Italian summer is safe!

Florence Brunelleschi’s dome

Yes, I am so happy to announce you that Italian curfew – due to the pandemic only , NOT to terrorism as the American Government said some time ago… – is going to be abolished!

Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence

In fact , just starting from last night – May 19th – we could stay outside until 11:00 pm, then if our hospitals situation will be good – as it is at the present time and in order of the health Ministry previsions – starting from June 1st we could eat inside restaurants and bar/cafés and stay outside until midnight ( yes, exactly as Cindarella !) , furthermore since June 21st the curfew will be over and so we could enjoy our summer at its most most!

Bargello’s courtyard

So many special events are coming in Pistoia, Firenze and in the countryside of Tuscany and in the whole Italy , especially outdoor in our beautiful squares and courtyards and gardens : this will be our new Renaissance as we had in the XVI century .

Typical Italian breakfast : cappuccino & brioche
Florence ,Ponte Vecchio a Magritte’s sky

No more quarantine for visitors coming from abroad but only tampons & vaccinated pass.

Knockers in Florence : lion, strength symbol

Welcome vaccine ,that saved us from this new plague . I am going to have mine next week and it will be another great event for me to be shared with you

Flying Mercury by Giambologna dated 1580 – flying as me for the joy of being free again!

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