Yes , now in Italy we can : have an espresso inside and eat seated inside a restaurant

Some good news again: since June 1st we can sip an espresso coffee seated inside a café bar or standing as many of us were used to do before pandemic and have it NOT in paper cup but in a ceramic one : veeery different for us!

My thick foam cappuccino made in love in Pistoia at Grand Café Le Damier

Furthermore we can eat inside any restaurant or pizzeria with social distance between one table and another, the use of masks for waiters not for clients of course, only when the move from the table to the toilet or to go to the cash to pay the bill. Only 4 people for each table but this is already a step ahead towards a new social life.

Eating together again in Pistoia at Il Pollo d’oro in Pistoia

We can also enjoy an ice cream walking and in cone not in a cup only …

Walking with my gelato

These are just some good changes that make me feel so happy and give me a great hope : yes we can , with most of the people vaccinated, since today even younger could get it in a very easy way and most of the people is looking forward to having it.

Freedom is coming again , as in the past centuries, throughout knowledge .


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