Like Cinderella : curfew starts at midnight for yellow regions

My dear friends, starting from June 7th and until June 21st all Italians and visitors have to be at home within midnight , as Cindella!

For this reason I wanted to celebrate this good news with a glass of Moet & Chandon Champagne in my husband restaurant pizzeria in Pistoia ,

Pizza and Champagne Moet & Chandon at Il Pollo d’Oro pizzeria restaurant in Pistoia

Can’t wait 2021 June 21st when the curfew will be over forever – I hope! – and I will never have to use this word again in all my life except talking and remembering this terrible year or mentioning the Second World War.

I suggested to Pistoia City Hall to plan a “white night” on June 21st : shops and restaurants open until morning to enjoy the whole night and to celebrate , all together , the sunrise and toast to the new Era : our new Renaissance , free again to walk at night with friends throughout our beautiful , narrow, old streets of my beloved Italy!

No more a Cinderella but finally, again the Queen!

The colors of my Italian flag in a yummy Caprese salad

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