No more lockdown since June 21st in Italy

Finally our Country is free!

We can walk outside without mask and we can stay , as long as we like , strolling in our beautiful streets at night without any restrictions, until sunrise and more!

Mask is obliged inside restaurants , cafes and common closed places , libraries,bookshops, shops and outside if we are a group of people.

Vaccine made the miracle : the Covid is no more the first news on the tv programs and we can try not to think to it every second of our daily life…a bit of rest for the hospitals , for doctors and even for us , simple, common people who have been living with this nightmare every single day since more than one year…

We can sip an espresso coffee inside a bar standing and in a real cup in porcelain not paper! eat inside a restaurant but using mask if we go to the toilet or in case we leave our seat.

The disinfectant gel is still in use wherever you go and even washing hands very frequently will be a must we will keep on doing maybe forever but it’s fine, it’s already part of our habits .

Now we have to start dreaming again: our past life is going to come back to us but…the recent football matches watched on tv showed us a thousand people all together , without mask, in the stadium, so …a bit worried about what could happen in the near future , in autumn , but on the other had how we can live without any hope? so must live day by day in respect of the rules and keep the distance enjoying every second of our day!

Florence is magnificent in this period of the year , hope you will love my pictures as much as I loved to take them just some days ago , strolling in its streets with some more people than in June and some tourists too , welcome dolce vita!!!

Brunelleschi dome & me
Ponte Vecchio
The best ice cream in Florence : perché no? why not?it us its name !
Artists are back
Giotto’s bell tower

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