Buongiorno world!

So long time I am not written anymore, I was waiting for the end of the pandemic year to start again with a good news : the virus is over!

But, unfortunately I ham here to say that it is not over at all…

In Italy, in Tuscany, althought the population has been almost completely vaccinated many infected yesterday and it is increasing day by day.

We are starting to give the booster , the third shot , to protect ourselves as much as possible from this terrible monster and let ‘s see how we could overcome this coming winter .

At the moment the weather in Tuscany is mild and so many people could still walk outside and avoiding crowded closed places but who knows in few weeks ?

My only hope is to final find a whole unique way out: vaccinate all the people in the world to become more intelligent than the virus that has no brain , we must use ours to fight against it and follow the sciensists suggestions and believe in the medicine only : everything else it is just a wasting time and more deads every day every where in the world.

If you love life and your friends and family and the mankind take this vaccine and stop the virus or it will be such a very hard time for all of us next winter…

Have a great day, it’s a beautiful sunny morning here in Pistoia, may this sun could kiss your faces and let you smile as I am doing while I am writing to you xoxoxo


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