Buon Natale!

Happy Xmas!!!

Another different Xmas : no more big endless lunch with many relatives, no more the feeling of freedom to travel and to go around visiting friends or places…we are almost in lockdown again and most of us have been vaccinated three times….BUT there is a difference this time less dead and on vaccinated people the virus is not so aggressive

So, we became stronger compared to last year in which we were just naked in front of it

On Tuesday I will have an Uffizi tour with my daughter ‘s girlfriends: I am so excited to be their guide as I know them since they are 3 years old …with our greenpass and a thick ffp3 mask we could enter into the museum and enjoy all its beauties and the breathtaking view on Florence from its windows.

So I am grateful to the vaccine again and my wish for you is to find a little good thing in every day life and be grateful for every second we live in health and in peace with ourselves and the others: be aware how lucky we are just being ALIVE in this difficult time!

Want to share with you some of my happy moments with my family and friends and these are my pictures for you, enjoy life ! Carpe diem, be happy , be you!

Tea time before Christmas
My special cappuccino with my Londoner friends in Pistoia
Best wishes with old good my friends
Babbo Natale helping me with boxes
Handmade panettone!
A look inside this goodie!
Happy Christmas lunch
Lovely presents from my friends ❤️❤️❤️
A scented candle in an old cup with flower & pink pepper
Mask with Xmas decorations & very small disinfectant for bag as mark place
My cousin Piera with her starters

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