A guided tour a month takes the depression away!The best cure with no side effects

Yesterday I was in Florence with a small group of young Italian girls , just 23 years old !

We had such a great time together visiting the city and the Uffizi Galleries : for some hours we have been concentrated only on art and in its beauty and talking about the glorious past of the exceptional heritage kept in our museums.

Outside the Uffizi Galleries

At the end of the guided tour we all felt like the virus didn’t exist : our minds had been away from the sad reality we are living everyday since two years , we felt much better than before and so we decided once a month a guided tour in Florence will be our MUST HAVE!

Michelangelo – Tondo Doni

We don’t need to buy more things to be happy , just trying to have good feelings as the best presents to fulfill not only our eyes with beauty but even our spirit

Caravaggio and his Bacchus 🍷

Our minds were lighter after a full immersion in the past admiring such amazing paintings and statues and architecture!

La primavera by Botticelli and my young clients

We had a trip in another – better – world with no use of anything else than our fantasy and open heart : no drugs , no alcohol , no special effects ! everything we need is already inside ourselves and in fantastic museums as the Uffizi Galleries in Florence to lift our soul and body over the top

Ponte Vecchio top view from the Uffizi

Yes, we can dream again and feel much better to face the new year so…don’t forget as a medicine : every month a guided tour , with me ! , in a museum could cure your body , your soul and mood! And even without any side effects, all natural!!!

Write me here to book a private tour : mikyriccia@gmail.com

“Grottesche” on the Uffizi ceilings : amazing !!!

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