After 20 years a stunning reopening :the historic maps room at the Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery is not just a museum for me : it is my home and as every home needs some redecorations.

So this is what happened now. After 20 years the historic map room reopens : the room wasn’t projected as a closed room but as a terrace ( in fact we still could see the remaining column in the center of the big window ) with a breathtaking view on Santa Croce Basilica.

Need to wait just a bit to get inside as it is a small room so the number of people is just 20 every few minutes but it worths , not only for the stunning view on Florence from that high position but also for the beautiful frescoes executed at the end of the XVI century by Ludovico Buti following the geographic maps created by the cartographer Stefano Bonsignori .

Elba island

Cardinal Ferdinand I of the Medici just came back from Rome after his brother’s death in 1587 to run the Grand Duchy of Tuscany decided to honor the memory of his father Cosimo I with these works of art to show the great power of his reign of Tuscany .

There are more tan 1,200 names of small and big towns , many of them still exist nowadays and it’s so beautiful to see all these small villages I know still there at those times and also to find my Pistoia!

A stunning semi precious stone table top with Livorno harbor executed by Cristofano Gafurri following the Jacopo Ligozzi design completes the room and if you have a look at the ceiling you could see the amazing paintings with mythological subjects brought straight from Ferdinando I ‘s house in Rome to Florence just to embellish this room.

Let’s go together to visit this precious loggia I am sure you will love it as much as I loved it : all my Tuscany in just one room and what a room!!!


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