The best view from the top of the world : Brunelleschi dome in Florence!

Have you ever climbed the Brunelleschi dome in Florence?

The Brunelleschi dome

It’s an unique experience, it’s a fantastic feeling : a metaphor of life ….you start in the dark and you reach the light throughout many steps you have to climb , all the difficulties of life you had to pass through and finally freedom , finally you can clearly the world inside and outside you

I am taller than the Giotto’s towerbell !

Not just for the view , the skyline of Firenze from this highness it’s breathtaking, but even inside the frescoes by great artists such as Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari started in 1572 until 1579

You can almost touch the frescoes
Details of the dome

Steps are many , 463 ! But you don’t fell them as you have a first stop before the top and you could take a rest admiring the magnificent frescoes and the pavement of the church that from here could be seen in all its beauty

Part of the pavement of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral

You could see the light from small windows on your way to the top of the dome

Small windows, great views
Bigger window lovely view

You could see the big holes where was fixed the self-supported structure that architect Filippo Brunelleschi invented to be able to built this masterpiece of art

One of the hole in the wall of the dome

Other holes could been seen among the frescoes used for the same reason

The hole in the middle of the open book

Then a special detail you can see clearly during your climb : light bricks in herringbone pattern used by Brunelleschi for the inner part of the double shell he created to better support the weight of the structure.

These old , beautiful bricks!

Then , after few steep steps you could see the sky …

The last few , old steps

Cannot describe the feeling of joy I felt : you are on the top of the world , of my world and I felt so free also because since today we can take our mask off outdoor so a double happiness for me, a new sign of hope for a better future , back to normal life !

The beautiful view and me without mask , finally

Enjoy life, carpe diem because future is now !!!!

If you wish to climb the dome with me just let me know I can book the ticket and the entrance with me ❤️

The dome shade on the city skyline

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