Gucci Giardino 25 in Florence for a glam aperitif

When in Florence where you could stop for a special aperitif?

Gucci Giardino 25 menu

In a lovely location, just in piazza della Signoria, the civic center of Florence , just close to the Gucci garden shop and Gucci museum both located in the beautiful old palace of Tribunal of Mercatanzia on the opposite corner.

What a delight aperitivo I had with my nice clients came from London !

Gucci museum & Gucci garden seen from a priviliged view

A special atmosphere in a cosy, small bar in which you could enjoy an original and yummy aperitivo overlooking the square

The bar counter

How beautiful are these drinks?

So ne aperitivo served in a mug with Flora design

And such original pairing with our drinks!

Soooo lovely an aperitif with a pensè in a Gucci mug
My non alcoholic aperitif and its little, yummy snacks
Our smiles talk !
Elegance and class by Gucci giardino 25

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