Missing London in Christmas time

Yes, I miss London as a friend who lives far from me but who stays  in my heart everyday, every moment of my life. London has a special place in my mind : live its  big streets, its multicolour windows, its shops & its smells around different world’s cultures & kitchens ! Miss the curry … More Missing London in Christmas time

London to me : Covent Garden a small Beautiful world 

Please don’t ️️miss ️it ️when in London : everything you can desire is Here ! Fashion shops,beauty shops, food, parfums ,drink, Theatre, cafes , restaurants,market,street artists ,live music, happenings , champagne, chocolate, teashop & …..people of any kind & colour  , children That can run as in a small town’s Church square  without cars  In … More London to me : Covent Garden a small Beautiful world 

London to me

You know I love this city as I could love a friend or a man or a mother who gives you life Love it because it is a shining gem Inside myself It knocks every day at ️my heart’s door and I answer Yes, here I am Here you are Nothing changes if nothing changes … More London to me