Pistoia ,a hidden gem in Tuscany: John Ruskin loved (& wrote )about this Church

The English writer , John Ruskin ( art critic ,poet ,peinter )  , born in my beloved London in 1918, visited Pistoia in 1845 . He was really impressed by the Church of San Giovanni fuorcivitas ( this Latin word means outside of the city but at the present it is considered THE city heart … More Pistoia ,a hidden gem in Tuscany: John Ruskin loved (& wrote )about this Church

London to me

You know I love this city as I could love a friend or a man or a mother who gives you life Love it because it is a shining gem Inside myself It knocks every day at ️my heart’s door and I answer Yes, here I am Here you are Nothing changes if nothing changes … More London to me

MadeinPistoia & exported to Saatchi Gallery in London

What can it be??? Guess! I wrote ️some previous posts about this….it’s about a red colour big sculpture ….before white & later red …… A masterpiece sculpture made by The artist Alexander Kosolopov originally from Russia but living in New York , working in Pistoia by Salvadori foundry http://www.salvadoriarte.comto create this big work called : … More MadeinPistoia & exported to Saatchi Gallery in London

Alexander Kosolapov in Pistoia : a #sotsart artist

By salvadoriarte I had The chance to meet & follow The last work of The worldwide renowned sculptor Alexander Kosolopov called : Lenin , Mickey, Jesus . A very big dimension work That takes months to be ended. In November it Will be exposed by http://www.saatchigallery.com/artists/kosolapov_alexander.htm?section_name=breaking_the_ice in London so I Will be there to see … More Alexander Kosolapov in Pistoia : a #sotsart artist

Like a Burlington Arcade but in Pistoia ~Toscana ~ Italia

This could be considered The most beautiful and really the oldest boutique still left in My small town, Pistoia. Yesterday Morning I saw its old gallery as a sort Of a small Burlington arcade in London : This Made me think about My strolls in London and how much I loved it when I first … More Like a Burlington Arcade but in Pistoia ~Toscana ~ Italia


Yes, London has a special scent to me a special original scent I cannot find anywhere else it’s a mix of strong aromas from coffee to spiced food , flowers and rain,smoke and croissant, dust and grass,horses and buses all over you when you are walking you can immerse yourself into a special olfactory tour … More LONDON’S SCENT


Such a wonderful entrance by LIBERTY’s store Love flowers and love Liberty for the wonderful old setting with woods all over (stairs,pavement,fornitures) You may have the feeling of being welcomed in an elegant English palace who opens its doors just for you Have you ever had an afternoon tea here ?


Feeling at home Can’t tell you how much I feel comfortable when I land to London airport : it’s always like a ‘ welcome home’ for me!I could say I feel as London town would recognise me , my footprints on the pavement I smile, yes, while I am waiting for the passport controll I … More LONDON – HOME


Love London and I love tea Love to visit tea houses and have the best afternoon teas in London, but also at home’s friends. Sharing a nice cup of hot tea is the perfect way to start the day and to end it Here it is a collage I did with a tea box to … More LONDON TEA