MadeinPistoia – How Tuscan grapes become VinSanto #dessertwine

Here we are in Pistoia , my town , rich in typical local producers such as Giuseppe Marini His delicious VinSanto is a MUST not only for Tuscany but even abroad . Winner Of many awards it is a family run farm in the outskirts Of Pistoia producing Extra virgin oil, jellies wine, jams … More MadeinPistoia – How Tuscan grapes become VinSanto #dessertwine

A temporary #shoe shop in #Pistoia👠👡👢👞👟👠👟

The first temporary shoe shop in My town ! “Didì le fou ” is its name: located on a street corner exposing nice high hills shoes & sandals , offers a huge choice of ladies footwears. Pop in & have a Look it’s Open even on Thursday night but ….just until The end Of June😉😍👠👡👢👞👠 … More A temporary #shoe shop in #Pistoia👠👡👢👞👟👠👟

Pistoia, a town to visit : Pinocchio&friends exibition

If you have The chance to visit Pistoia during these days you shouldn’t miss this interesting exibition in The Duomo’s square. It is located in the historical center by the City Hall ground floor in the a frescos’ hall. Pictures Of Pinocchio with many celebrities ~ Sophia Loren, Roberto Benigni,Dario Fo , Gina Lollobrigida and … More Pistoia, a town to visit : Pinocchio&friends exibition


I love English doors , you alredy know it, I know, but I love also Italian ones , especially the old ones like this Would you like to live in a house with such imponent door?


Come vi avevo prennunciato, ecco un altro amico della mia stessa età , degno di nota. Queste foto sono state scattate nel 2009 nella biblioteca Fabroniana aperta al pubblico per l’occasione. Le sue opere raccontano il viaggio,l’emigrazione. Originale ,sensibile e profondo con un tocco di classe che lo contraddistingue da sempre in ogni cosa che … More CLASSE ’64 – DARIO LONGO : AMICO, ARTISTA